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Cycling Victoria can provide a range of different clinics to suit your schools needs, including:

School Holiday Clinics:

Cyling Victoria is planning further clinics for the September school holidays.

Watch this space!!

Road Cycling Clinics for Schools:

To prepare students, especially those inexperienced at racing, Cycling Victoria offers 'Learn to Race' clinics aimed at giving the students the neccessary skills and confidence to race the VSCC. 

To find out about the costs and other details please contact Tom Dixon on email at or call (03) 8480 3077.

AustCycle Clinics:

AustCycle was established in 2008 as a joint initiative of Cycling Australia, the Amy Gillett Foundation and, until 2010, the Bicycle Federation of Australia.  It was the result of over a decade of research that identified a strong need to develop a national education approach to community cycling, which in the past was highly fragmented and provided on an ad hoc basis.

AustCycle is Australia’s only national cycling accreditation program, which provides high quality education and training to community members to encourage them to get on their bikes and ride.  Whether for commuting purposes, for leisure or travel, AustCycle trains people of all ages and backgrounds to incorporate cycling into their lifestyle in order to stay active and healthy.
AustCycle is the industry standard for teaching bike handling skills to the community in on and off-road environments.  It is a national system using accredited instructors (called Teachers) working for Licensed Providers, delivering training supported by an accredited national curriculum. 
AustCycle clinics are perfect for schools looking to provide national level bike safety and handling education for students aged anywhere between 7 and 18. To find out about the costs and other details please contact Tom Dixon on email at or call (03) 8480 3077.



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