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Race entries

3.1    How do I enter a race?
Entering a race can be done by using one of the following methods: 
an entry form through the mail with payment/payment details. 
3) Come into our office.  Please have correct change if paying in cash in person

3.2    What form of payment will you accept?
Bankcard, mastercard, cheque, money order, cash or existing credit.

3.3    How can I check if my entry has been received?
You can check our current entry lists located in 'Race Entries'. This will be updated regularly. 

3.4    Will my entry be accepted after the closing date?
Late entries may be accepted at the sole discretion of and up to a time determined by CV. For a detailed outline of the 'Late Entry Policy', please check 'Race Entries'. 

3.5    How can I check my handicap for an upcoming race?
You can check your handicap/grade for an upcoming race by going to 'Race Entries' and clicking on 'Grades/Handicaps'.

3.6     What if I am not happy with my handicap/grade?
If you are not happy with your grade or handicap, please ring the CV office NO LATER THAN 5pm two (2) days prior to the event.  We will then contact the handicapper regarding your query and we will then advise you before the event as to the decision made. 

3.7   What if I can't compete in a race that I already entered? Will I get my money back?
See scratching policy here.

3.8  Do I have to complete the "Past Performances" part on my race entry form?
Yes.  This helps the handicapper gauge your ability and handicap you accordingly.  If you do not complete this part, you leave yourself open to be marked at the handicapper's discretion.  

3.9  What licence do I need to enter Opens?
To ride Open, State or National Championship events, you will require a full open CA racing licence.  Please note that 3 Ride Permits, Day Permits, KIDZ, Recreational or 'Club' licences are not valid for Open, State or National Championship events.

Events - Competitive

4.1    Where can I see the results of races?
You can check the results of races by browsing our results database. Just click on 'Race Results'. 

4.2    How do I get a calendar?
You can obtain a printed version by dropping into the office at DISC, or alternatively by emailing us with your POSTAL address. The fixture is also on our website allowing for quick and easy viewing. The fixture is free to all members and non-members.

4.3   What do I wear when I am racing?
Note that a Victorian member, whilst competing in a Victorian open event, has 3 options from which to choose regarding the apparel worn during events. Please go here to read more on Registering apparel.

4.5    I was involved in a riding accident. How do I claim for medical expenses and/or loss of income?
To claim expenses following a riding accident, you will need to complete an insurance claim form. To obtain a form please e-mail CV.

2.4   Do you have a schools cycling program or event?
Yes.  We run the Victorian Schools Cycling Championships (VSCC) annually.  For more information, please click here.

Events - Recreational

5.1     Does CSV cater for the recreational cyclist?

CV has become a leader in the provider of recreational cycling options. Our events provide an alternative option for cycling enthusiasts driven by health, fitness and personal challenges. Read more here.



6.1  What is DISC? What is the Joe Ciavola Velodrome at DISC?

The 'Darebin International Sports Centre' - the home of Victorian cycling.  DISC houses an all-year-round indoor velodrome, known as The Joe Ciavola Velodrome, as well as the CV office.

6.2  Where is DISC?
John Cain Memorial Park,
Darebin Rd, Thornbury
Melway 31 A6

6.3 Can I ride on DISC?

Yes, but you must have a current ACF licence in order to train or race on the DISC velodrome.  Note: Unlicenced riders who would like to have a go at track cycling, there will be specific sessions and days scheduled for 'Come 'n' Try' days.  For more information, please Email CSV

Please note: Track bikes only.  Track bikes available for hire from CSV @ $10 per hour - booking required.
Training costs $5 per hour (without lights).  See DISC Training Schedule to avoid contracted training bookings.


6.3   How do I get tickets to the Hisense Arena?
Tickets can be purchased by calling Ticketek on 132 849 or by checking their website - Ticketek.  For more information on events to be held at Hisense dafone, please check out Arena Event Info or the fixture section of our website.

6.4    Where is Hisense Arena?
Hisense Arena is located at Melbourne Park on Swan St. (Melways Map 2G C8)


6.5    Where is the nearest velodrome to my house?
For details on the nearest velodrome to your house please check Velodromes.  

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