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Combine Rules

  • Riders competing in club/combine events must participate with their own club throughout the road season unless they have the written approval of their club to race elsewhere.
  • Clubs should only permit their riders to compete elsewhere when they do not have an event or there are other special circumstances such as the rider being away from home
  • Where clubs race in a combine the combine event is regarded as being a club race.  Clubs, unless approved by CV, may only be part of one combine.
  • Riders who wish to participate outside of their club or combine are required to present written club approval from their club to the host club or combine when they register to race.  Falsely representing that the approval has been obtained will be regarded as a serious disciplinary offence.
  • The host club is not required to accept the entry of any non-member and accordingly it would be prudent for the rider to check with the host club before attending the race.

CSV recognise that clubs invest considerable amounts of time, money and resources into their road racing so we need to ensure that these clubs are being considered when riders choose to race elsewhere.

Metropolitan clubs

Based on past experience CV anticipates the clubs will combine as follows (Clubs should contact CV if they wish to be reallocated):

  • Northern Combine – Brunswick, Sunbury, Melton, Preston, Northcote, Coburg, Hawthorn, St Kilda & Italo-Australian.
  • South East Region – Carnegie-Caulfield, Blackburn, Chelsea & Peninsula, Mornington, Dirt Riders
  • Footscray

Country Clubs

Riders are required to carry written club approval if they intend to participate with another country club outside of an organised combine. This obviously also applies to those members who wish to race in Melbourne.

Approval Process

Clubs are encouraged to educate their riders on the simple approval process which is required for them to race outside of their club or combine, which is as follows:

  1. Contact club/combine you wish to race with to ensure they are satisfied with your participation in that race.
  2. Get written approval from your club to race at alternative club or combine event.  An email, with proper identification from a club president or secretary, will suffice. 
  3. Take approval with you to the race you wish to participate in and hand in to registration.


Northern Combine

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