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Frequently Asked Questions

 What should I be aware of when entering my information in Membership HQ?

  • The first club listed is the name of the parent state so please DO NOT choose it. e.g. State - Cycling ACT, Club - Do not choose Cycling ACT again.
  • When you enter phone numbers please use numerals only. Please put the area code in the first box and the number in the second box. Do not use any other characters. Brackets, symbols, punctuation marks and the like are not valid so please do not use (,#/+ etc. anywhere in the online form. For international numbers please insert 0011 as the international area code.
  • Dates should be entered in DD/MM/YYYY format.
  • Please enter only one email address per email text box and double check you are putting the correct address in as we will send your receipt and membership information to this email address.
  • Information relating to allergies and medical conditions will be available to national, state and club administrators. If you do not want this information to be seen but need to advise us of any condition relevant to your insurance cover please contact the Membership Team to discuss.
  • Image facility - you only need to use this if you have been asked to upload a copy of your First Aid qualification, Working with Children clearance, Proof of Age documents or a passport photo. Otherwise just skip that section.

How much does membership cost?

  • Click through to find out all the details of our membership pricing.

I paid online and haven't received any notification or receipt - what should I do?

  • The first thing you should do is check in your junk or spam folders in case the email is in there. If it's not you might have incorrectly entered your email address in which case you'll need to contact our Membership Team and they will sort it out for you.

What if I am buying a Gold or Silver membership in October what age category will I be?

  • If you purchase a membership between 1 October and 31 December it is valid through until the end of the next calendar year. Choose the membership category relevant to your age.

Am I entitled to any discounts on my membership purchase?

I have lost my Cycling Australia Membership Card, how do I get a replacement?

I am a member of MTBA / BMXA and want to upgrade to a CA racing licence what do I need to know?

How do I upgrade my Silver Ride Membership to Gold Race Membership?

  • If you want to upgrade your licecnce you'll need to contact the Membership Team.

How do I upgrade my Race Masters Membership to a Race Elite Membership?

  • If you want to upgrade your licecnce you'll need to contact the Membership Team

I can't login to Membership HQ. How do I get my password reset?

I want to change clubs what do I need to do?

  • You will need to download and complete the Transfer form. Please make sure your current club and new club have completed and signed their relevant section of the form BEFORE you send it to us to process.  The State only needs to sign this form if the transfer is between states (e.g. VIC to SA). Otherwise, CA will sign on behalf of Cycling Victoria.


How do I find a Coach?

  • Your club should be able to help you out with a list of coaches in your area.

How do I enter an event?

  • Entry requirements vary depending on the event. Please check with the race organiser for details of how to enter indvidual events.

I want to race overseas what do I need?

What am I covered for under my member insurance?

  • The insurance cover for Cycling Australia, BMXA and MTBA members will cover you 24/7 on the bike and includes personal accident, public liability & loss of income benefits. More details here.

Cycling Australia Member Communications

How do I opt out or change my preferences for receiving information from CA?

  • We don't want to send you information if you don't want it so on every piece of communication we send you we give you an option to unsubscribe or change your mailing preferences. If you have a complaint at any time about our marketing practices please email our privacy officer.

How does CA deal with my private information?

I am not receiving e-Cycle or any member updates from Cycling Australia?

  • The first thing you should do is check in your junk or spam folders in case the email is in there. If you can't find our updates in there you might not be on our mailing list. Please go to our website to join our mailing list.


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