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3 Ride Permits

3 Ride Permits are available from all Victorian Cycling Clubs at a fee of $44-$55. The fee varies slightly from one club to another. They cannot be purchased on-line.

The 3-Ride Permits are valid for entry to three (3) races conducted within a three (3) month period.

Should a cyclist wish to upgrade to a gold membership, $44 for the 3-Ride Permit will be credited against the full membership fee. This $44 discount applies to both full year and six month memberships. When upgrading, this process must be completed manually, with the 3 Ride Permit stapled to the top of the membership form.

3 Ride Permits are valid for club and club-combine events. However, they cannot be used to compete in Open or Championship events.

An example of a 3 Ride Permit is pictured below.

Please contact your preferred Victorian Cycling Club or Cycling Victoria on (03) 8480 3000 if you have any questions about 3 ride permits.



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